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The upcoming polar vortex looks so much like a Tide Pod 😕

Remember how it got extremely cold in the Midwest and East Coast at the end of last year? Well, that polar vortex is about to happen again. 
The difference between now and then? Tide Pods.
Since late December, teens have made eating Tide Pods a delightful, albeit dangerous, meme. And living our lives on the internet makes not seeing them everywhere impossible. Sorry, polar vortex. We now think you look extremely delicious.
Of course, the suspiciously blue, orange red, and white chart is actually fascinating from a scientific standpoint. It shows how the height of pressure surfaces in the middle atmosphere (or about 18,000 feet) differ from normal, which is related to the temperature of the air masses below them. Read more…More about Science, Weather, Environment, Culture, and Polar Vortex

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