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This Canada theory may completely change the game for ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

The Handmaid’s Tale is part cautionary tale, part dystopian anti-fantasy, and part voluntarily once-a-week anxiety appointment for its fans. 
Since the show eclipsed the plot of the Margaret Atwood book upon which it is based, there has been an increased amount of viewer speculation as to what fresh hell the show will rain upon its unsuspecting viewers in the coming weeks, speculation that is fueled by two dueling parties: those who believe that there may be a happy-ish ending for June, Janine, Moira, Emily, and Nick, and those who think that the show’s dark turns will continue spiraling into a climatically depressing ending where hope will die for good.  Read more…More about The Handmaid S Tale, Handmaid S Tale, Handmaid S Tale Season 2, Handmaid S Tale Theory, and Entertainment

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