This WARN winch drags off-roading tech into the 21st century

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If I were forced to list the top five most antiquated activities a person can partake in, from least advanced to most, it would look something like this:
Jumping rope
Churning butter
Microwaving a burrito
As you can see, dead center in that list is “off-roading” — a.k.a driving off-road. However, you might instead know it by one of its other names: “wheelin” or “muddin.” And it’s earned a place between churning butter and spearfishing because the tech behind it is about as advanced as that of a horse and buggy.
Ignoring the tech-savvy and luxurious Range Rover, even modern 4x4s are woefully antiquated. Take the Jeep Wrangler for example. It has more in common with cars of the early 20th century than the ones of the early 21st, with its solid axles and old-fashioned steering mechanism. Read more…More about Mashable Choice, Reviews, Transportation, Cars, and Tech

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