What your childhood school lunch said about you

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Now that summer is over, kids are back in school. And while parents everywhere are jumping for joy, the enduring question is once more posed: “What’s for lunch, Mom/Dad?”

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Even if you aren’t packing brown bag lunches this year, the memory of school lunches stays with you. What kind of lunch did you enjoy in the cafeteria and, more importantly, what did it say about you?

Image: vicky leta/mashableHeart-shaped salami sandwich with a packet of cheese crackers and a handwritten note. 
You wore vintage clothing before it was cool. Your favorite subject was “Great Works of Art,” you loved the class hamster, Shoelaces, and you always made sure to invite the new kid over after school for a playdate so s/he wouldn’t be left out. Dark secret: You once let your crush cheat off you during a spelling test.  Read more…More about Back To School, Lunch, Food, and Watercooler

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