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Yes, it’s weird that the Han Solo spinoff doesn’t have a trailer yet

As of today, we’re less than four months away from the next Star Wars movie. But you’d never know it from the marketing campaign – or, rather, the total lack thereof.
To date, we’ve seen next to nothing from Solo: no trailer, no teaser, no poster, not even an official image, unless you count that behind-the-scenes promo pic from the first week of shooting. 
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That’s freaking weird, any way you slice it – but whether that’s bad is another question entirely. For one thing, Disney may have their own reasons for holding off on promoting Solo, which we’ll get to in a second. For another, a clumsy marketing campaign doesn’t always signal a terrible movie, just as a strong marketing campaign doesn’t always deliver a great one.  Read more…More about Movies, Star Wars, Screening, Solo A Star Wars Story, and Entertainment

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